Special Health Tips for Escorts

Are you an escort? If yes, there are few things that you must not overlook in your business. Being an escort is a challenging profession and you may have to go through many different situations in every call. There is a very old saying “Health is wealth”, and very true also. There is no such thing in this entire world like a good health. Being an escort you must take special care of your health and must do all necessary things to avoid any illnesses. Just like being in a good shape is important for an escort, so is the health.

When on a call, you may at times overlook certain elements and may get physically intimate with your clients. Always remember that companionship and sex is a part of your daily business but you need to be very strong mentally to get carried away easily. An escort may be from any of the country but escorts Manchester, escorts from Birmingham or any other place in the UK are specially trained escorts in this regard and they are taught not to be a part of any sexual activity with a client without taking any special precautions. You never know about the health of your client. There may be some who might be carrying bacteria of, herpes,syphilis, Genital HPV,Chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis, AIDS or HIV and getting intimate with them physically can be a reason for fatal health ailments for you in the future.

Some of the health tips that you need to lock in your mind are:

  1. Use condoms and that of a good quality. Never ever go for a call without carrying a handful of condoms. A condom is a best option to stay away from any sort of genital diseases and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). If you ever forget to carry a condom, don’t offer sex to your client until and unless the client gets condom for the session.
  2. Go for an HIV test at a gap of every 2-3 months. This is very important and keep you updated about your health.
  3. Meet a physician and discuss your job with them to take all the measures for preventing yourself from STD’s. Feeling shy about the discussion can be a reason for many health emergencies for you in future. After all, your health is important, not only for you but also for your loved ones and can also save a client from transferring a disease, if you happen to be a victim of any of the STD’s.
  4. Being an escort is not easy. You need to be very shrewd to attend any of the clients. You must be smart enough to make out if the client is in good health. Any sort of physical weakness in client must not be entertained. You must say no to the client for being in bad health. In such cases, you must be bold and must refund the money that has been taken from a client.

Escort industry is growing day by day and so are the sexually Transmitted Diseases. Just like escorts Manchester, every escort from any of the country must demand for special training regarding their health.

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